Para tener el control total sobre tus siembras de camarón

LarvIA is the App you need

The development of our app started in 2018 with the first research work for shrimp larvae recognition. After 12 months of hard work and thousands of trials a functional prototype was developed and tested in more than 2500 samples, in leading larvae laboratories in Ecuador. The results were so accurate that even the developing team was impressed, the system has an error margin of less than 0,9%. All of our algorithms are protected by several industrial and intellectual patents. During the first quarter of 2020, Larvia was born in Ecuador as a service app for the shrimp industry and the general public.

The user can select a random sample from the tank, dry-weigh the sample and take a photograph with a cell phone. The results of the analysis can be observed directly from the app in just a matter of seconds, or in the web dashboard that has been designed to offer a comparative experience of each sowing in contrast to our massive database.

The precise location of where the sample was taken is obtained by using GPS technology.

Each client can create an unlimited number of users within their company, with multiple options for processing. 

In the dashboard you can take control of the growth of your larva thanks to the interface designed to compare each planting with the historical plantings and with statistics generated by our team.

LarvIA's response time is less than 15 seconds and its reliability is 99%.

What usually takes several hours, now you can do it in a matter of minutes with high precision, using less resources and avoiding human errors.

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