Service Plans

Larvia works with a monthly subscription and the plans vary according to the needs of each client, since it will depend on the number of tanks and/or pools that you want to control and improve production. A minimum daily photo is recommended to achieve complete traceability of the cultivation process. The price of the plan will depend on the number of photos requested or required monthly by the client.

Our goal is to create shared value with all our users and help them feel secure in managing their business and in the decision-making process. The new services we add to the platform are available immediately with just an upgrade at no additional cost.

If you require more information or a personalized plan, please contact us.

Clients & Testimonials

These are some of our customers who produce with LarvIA and have been with us since the very beginning and help us improve the service with their continuous comments and suggestions. We continuously update our service according to your needs, it is now possible to track the status of the shrimp in each pool/tank to increase your profitable biomass, thus gaining access to accurate biometric information in real time for Aquaculture 4.0.