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Our service is used all over the world, there are already more than 397 companies
who have improved their production with Larvia.

Records you obtain with Larvia

Histogram of weight and length
Average weight and length
Coefficient of variation of weight and length
Uniformity of weight and length
Condition factor
Geolocation of samples
Pigmentation index
Commercial sizes

Features that make our application unique

With Larvia what normally takes several hours a day, you can
do it in a matter of minutes with high precision.

Photographic Recognition

Evaluation of the biometrics of your production in all phases, through photographs.


The application uses GPS to provide an exact location of each sample.

Operational Efficiency

Response time less than 15 seconds and 99% reliability.

Data Protection

We guarantee the security and exclusivity of data using modern technology.


LarvIA Benefits

What usually takes several hours, you can do it with LarvIA in a matter of minutes with high precision, using less resources.

  • Less time

    Get sample results in less than 15 seconds.

  • Fewer resources

    You only need a mobile phone.

  • Greater precision

    Accurate, timely and objective information to facilitate decision making.

  • Precision feeding

    Adjust particle sizes and feeding strategies to guarantee optimal development of your crop..


How does it work? - Easy tutorials

Obtain a sample of your crop, then proceed to weigh it dry and take a photograph
in less than 15 seconds you can review the results.


Customer Testimonials

Our customers help us improve the service with
their continuous comments and suggestions.

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To use it, it is necessary to have a user account linked to a company that has contracted a monthly plan with us.

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Beautiful interface

Larvia's interface offers users an engaging and easy-to-use visual experience
guaranteeing intuitive and efficient access to all functionalities.