About Us

Our service as software that works with computer vision and artificial intelligence to generate crop reports with 99% accuracy, just 15 seconds after taking a photo with a normal smartphone. Helps keep track of the growth process, through all stages (larvae, juveniles, and adults) and general condition, such as estimated weight, size, uniformity, pigmentation, exact count, and location of where the picture was taken . Thus, it helps to make important decisions like adjusting the feed with high precision or deciding your harvest time. Users can access their business intelligence web service from anywhere, where they can analyze real-time and historical reports. We have discovered the potential of this technological tool for shrimp hatcheries, laboratories, farms and aquaculture product retailers around the world.


Optimize processes in aquaculture through the technological tools necessary to obtain accurate data and record them over time. To be a strategic ally for the modern aquaculture farmer, aware of the daily challenges of this activity and the possibilities of improvement in the value chain and the difficult decision-making process.


Generar valor compartido al desarrollar nuevas herramientas tecnológicas para mejorar los procesos de una manera eficiente con bajo impacto ambiental para el desarrollo sostenible de la industria de la acuacultura en una economía azul para las nuevas generaciones.